SoulCollage® Journey Through the Tarot 2018

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SoulCollage® Journey Through the Tarot 2018


Register now and prepare for 22 weeks of soulful self-reflection as you encounter your Self — the One and the Many — through the Tarot Journey.

Led by Stephanie Anderson Ladd, SoulCollage® facilitator, archetypal explorer, psychotherapist, artist/writer/teacher/seeker, who will be joining you on the journey and providing a safe container for self-exploration.

After you register, you will get a link to download the course introduction PDF.

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Where to buy materials for your SoulCollage® Journey Through the Tarot:

You’ll need 22 cards (5″ x 8″ mat boards) and protective clear bags, which you can buy here, along with glue and scissors: SoulCollage website shop

Or you can go here to buy 5″ x 8″ mat boards in various colors, which can be helpful if you want to bring in similar background colors that are found on classic tarot decks like Rider-Waite-Smith, as well as protective clear bags: Kaleidosoul website shop

You may want to start collecting images now so that you have plenty to choose from, or get together with friends or other SoulCollagers and share the bounty. Look for images in magazines (National Geographic, Smithsonian, spiritual and women’s magazines are great sources), calendars, cards, and old illustrated books (I look for these at thrift shops and yard sales).

If you haven’t taken an introductory SoulCollage class and want to learn the basics, you can take any of these online prerecorded courses:

Fundamentals of SoulCollage with Mariabruna Sirabella

Fundamentals of SoulCollage with Kat Kirby

Complete SoulCollage Workshop Audio Package with Anne Marie Bennett

Or look for a SoulCollage® workshop in your area here: SoulCollage® Workshops