The Goddess Temple: The Goddesses of Self-Care
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The Goddess Temple: The Goddesses of Self-Care

The Goddesses of Self-Care

Self-care is more than mani-pedis and an afternoon at the spa. Self-care is really about soul-care. Many of us talk about it but don't know how to take better care of our Self--our soul.  Many of us could use some help learning the tools and skills of caring for ourselves better. And who better to call upon than the wisdom of the divine feminine?

We’ve already explored 12 weeks of self-care with goddesses from many cultures in our first two courses of the year, so please join us for one more 6-week session during the fall season, starting on November 10, 2019. The course is designed so that we can spend two full weeks on each topic where we will meet two or three goddesses or divine feminine archetypes from various cultures who will act as guides. These mother goddesses will help us tune into our own Higher Self that knows what is best for us and what our soul needs and wants. These goddesses will be chosen for their particular wisdom and energy to help us develop the skills and tools needed to navigate through these waters as well as to help us integrate our shadow and many parts. 

Some of the goddesses we will meet and work with include: Akhilandeshwari, Athena, Jana, Brigid, Grandmother Spider Woman, Freya, Sekhmet, Kali, Hestia, Hecate, Maeve, Yemaya, Medusa, Tara, Mary Magdalene, The Virgin Mary, Tara, Ceridwyn, Isis, Artemis/Diana, Demeter, Persephone, Lakshmi, Inanna, Hathor, Bast, Butterfly Maiden, Quan Yin, and Aphrodite/Venus.

Why We Need This Now

I know from personal experience that it is often hard for women to ask for help. We're supposed to be the caregivers, the mothers, the lovers, the tenders, and we often do a great job of it for everyone but ourselves. I first started working with the goddesses when I realized I needed to have a model of what a loving mother to myself looked like. If you have a mother wound, like I did, and felt emotionally abandoned or neglected or possibly even abused by a parent, self-care is especially challenging because it doesn't come naturally. We may have learned to instead care for a parent or sibling(s) and got good at caregiving others but not ourselves. If no one took care of us, we learned not to expect it, though we may have longed for it. And no one showed us how to do it.

That's where the goddesses come in. In our patriarchal society, most of us were likely raised in religions that venerated the masculine godhead. In patriarchal religions and in the society that has developed around these beliefs, women take second place; the masculine is valued and the feminine is devalued. This is why it is so hard for many of us to learn self-care because we have an old belief that we don't deserve it, that we are less than. We have not learned to receive; we think it might be selfish, and so we don't allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to feel nurtured and receive nurturing. We have the illusion of control, but really we feel out of control and long to be cared for. The goddesses knew how to take care of themselves and so they can be our mothers and teachers, showing us the way to self-empowerment and self-care.

What To Expect

You will receive an illustrated 10-page pdf for each topic (3 during the 6-week course) . There will be a component of art-making as we go, including SoulCollage® and art journaling. We will share our art and wisdom in a secret Facebook group (optional) and meet for a Zoom video session at the end of each course. In this way, you can expect to learn ways to care for your soul with a supportive group of women, both earthly and divine.

When you register you will receive an Introductory pdf that will introduce you to the course and get you started thinking about the goddess within and without. 

There’s still time to register for the last course of the year:
November 10 - December 21 | Autumn Aura (6 week journey) - $89

Health & Healing
Resting & Being Present

Here’s what others have said about past courses:

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for your inspiration and dedication in putting this course together. It feels like I have found a community of like-minded soul sisters, and I am truly grateful. It's hard to put into words how much I have learned because a lot of it expresses itself through subtle connections that I am still making. And perhaps it's too soon to say how much - I am certain that it will be many months in the gestation! - Ruth G.

Stephanie, I LOVE this class!! Thank you for all your insight, wisdom and enthusiasm!! I also loved all the connection and creativity of all the women who participated!! What and when is your next online class? Thanks! - Vicki W.

I have been touched deeply by your teachings as well as everyone's contributions. The cards and accompanying insights have been profound and soul-stirring. - Lisa P.

What a creative, thoughtful, wise group we've had, and such detailed, rich, incredible teaching, Stephanie! - Lynne L.

Thank you, Stephanie, for your brave and beautiful leadership as you've guided us on this amazing path into our souls. - Kathy A.

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