Goddess Temple e-courses are now available to do on your own...

In the ancient temples devoted to the goddesses, the priestesses were mortal women who were initiated to learn the mysteries, keep the fire burning, and serve the goddess. They functioned as intermediaries between the people who came to the temples for guidance and the goddess they served. The priestesses bestowed the wisdom and blessings of the goddess. They accepted offerings and gifts on Her behalf and helped those who sought answers through oracle, ritual, prayer and healing work.
In this sacred temple, we are the priestesses, stoking the flames, creating the altars, and performing rituals of self-discovery and self-care to honor the goddess within each of us. As priestesses, we will be initiated into the mysteries of these powerful goddesses.

Welcome to the Goddess Temple, where you can now take either or both of the courses that were offered earlier this year and do them on your own time, at your own pace. Each course is designed to be completed over a 4-week period, although now you can spend as much time as you like with each goddess and work through the lessons, creative projects, and self-exploration at your convenience.

What to Expect:

You will meet and work with the goddesses from the 70-page Soulwork book, In the Lap of the Goddess: Connecting With the Divine Feminine created by Stephanie Anderson Ladd and get the e-book versions (3 chapters and 3 goddesses per course) along with the in-depth lessons, including video and audio files, in a PDF format.

Each goddess has rich stories surrounding her and important lessons to teach us. As priestess, you will be initiated into the mysteries of these powerful deities and learn how these archetypal guides can help you better understand yourself and the feminine psyche. By seeing them reflected in you, you will learn to be more true to yourself and your own rhythms as you discover the divine feminine within. During these courses, you will explore the magic and mysteries of these goddesses much like the priestesses in the temples, who in a sense, embodied the goddesses they served.

By taking either or both of these courses, you are automatically welcomed into the Goddess Temple Facebook group, a secret group in which you will get to know other women who have embarked upon this journey and be able to share your thoughts, feelings, discoveries, art and altars. It is a safe place where you can be yourself, surrounded by a circle of like-minded women also on the journey.

You do not need to take these courses in any particular order. They are stand-alone courses; one is not a prerequisite for the other. And the good news is that, although designed to be taken over 4 weeks, you can take as long as you want with each goddess, work through the lessons at a leisurely pace, and check in any time you like to the Goddess Temple Facebook group.

Additional guidance, one-on-one sessions, and goddess oracle readings are available with Stephanie Anderson Ladd, the creator of these courses. Go here for more information: Goddess Guidance

Self-study courses on The Triple Goddess and The Alchemical Goddess

Self-study courses on The Two Marys, Sekhmet, and Guinevere

Self-study courses on Brigid, Inanna, Artemis, and Cerridwyn

For questions, please contact Stephanie here.

What women have said about the Goddess Temple e-courses:

"I loved taking Stephanie Anderson Ladd's Alchemical Goddess e-course and am still integrating all the goodness it offered.  Stephanie has a wonderful way of weaving Goddess archetypes and mythology into a narrative that is deeply relevant to our modern lives and sense of self.  The writing prompts and creative exercises seemed so simple, but once I actually did them, I felt energetic shifts within. All along the way Stephanie held a loving and safe container for the process and was so helpful whenever there were any questions.  I also had a private goddess guidance session with Stephanie that soothed my soul. She brings a gentle, insightful compassion to her work while still being firmly grounded. I highly recommend all her e-courses and sessions to women who wish to discover their essence through the mirror of the Goddess." - Jo

"I really cannot express how much I loved this course -- it's the best one I have ever taken. Having heard about Goddesses I did not really know how or why to incorporate them into my daily life -- this course showed me the way. Stephanie is a gift and a beacon of light to women seeking wisdom and a way to fill the void they may be feeling in their soul. I can't recommend this course enough -- so much deeper then I had expected. I feel blessed to have shared in this first Goddess circle with such an amazing group of women." ~Michele

"One element that made this course unique was the workbook. It's thoughtfully written and beautifully designed, and I know that I'll be working with it long after the e-course has ended." - Jessica

"I found [Stephanie's] generous and gentle presence an embodiment of the Goddess. The way that we gather together as a circle of women and share our paths to [the Divine Feminine], taking time to work with our hands to make her visible in our day... all of this brought the story of the Goddess to life in a very beautiful way." - Jane

"There is a real lack of this kind of knowledge and learning in our culture, and like so many of us, I am thirsting for it - - now more than ever in my life. As I go through some major life changes, the Goddess work has become my Source, and the guide to my journey home. This course peeled back the layers, allowing me to go deep, while keeping me safe and lighting the way." - Kristen