New Moon Goddess Mystery School self-study e-course


New Moon Goddess Mystery School self-study e-course



  • The Two Marys: Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene
  • Sekhmet
  • Guinevere

Take all three sessions: The Two Marys, Sekhmet and Guinevere for one low price.

Or you can order each course individually.

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The moon is the feminine yin to the sun’s masculine yang energy. Women are changeable like the moon. We are attuned to the moon's energy as it moves through its 29.5 day lunation cycle, the same approximate time of a woman's menstrual cycle. In this e-course we will follow three moon cycles to better connect to our most divinely feminine selves.

This course is designed so that you may work with a different goddess at the  start of each lunar month (although in the first of the three courses you will meet two goddesses and work with them together).  You receive an e-book with images, instructions, wisdom, lore, journal prompts, rituals, ceremonies, altar-making, totems, a guided journey to meet the featured goddess, a tutorial of an art process or craft related to the goddess of that cycle, and other surprises (this delicious offering includes written as well as audio and video material).

The Goddess Temple teachings were originally designed to commence on specific new moons and last one lunar cycle or month. However, as a self-study course you can now take them when it works best for you and take as long as you like, although starting on the New Moon is still a good idea. The New Moon phase of the lunation cycle is the time of The Maiden, of birth, beginnings, initiation, taking a leap, starting anew, discovering and learning.