In the Lap of the Goddess

In the Lap of the Goddess: Connecting with the Divine Feminine – A SoulWork Book

This is an interactive workbook designed to create an experience of being In the Lap of the Goddess. This book will help you understand the goddess through words, images, exercises and journeys. By exploring her qualities and attributes, you will discover what your soul yearns for, develop a relationship with the goddess, and ultimately connect to your own feminine divinity.

It is called a SoulWork Book because soul work is what is called for when we want to dig deep and find answers, when we want to see ourselves and our own divinity more clearly, when we want to shift our point of view, when we are ready to grow and transform, and when we want to open ourselves to the mystery and meaning of our existence.

You can buy this lavishly illustrated workbook in four parts or in its 70-page entirety to download and print.

These beautiful, full-color pages take you on a journey to meet six powerful goddesses that have meaning and relevance to the feminine psyche. It is replete with stories, questions, exercises, journeys and suggestions for how to bring the goddess into your life. Get ready for a journey of transformation!

Note: This is a zip/pdf download. You will receive a link to download this product.

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I was on a personal retreat and I took a pile of inspirational stuff, including your Goddess workbook. Stephanie, what a treasure you have co-created (with Her, of course)! It was the exactly ideal tool for some of the work I was doing, and it is clearly such a gorgeous labor of love! I know She of Many Names made sure I had it handy at the precisely perfect moment. Truly, I was blown away by its beauty and wisdom. Thank you for this precious gift you have given to the world. – Beth Owl’s Daughter, Durham, NC

Thank you Stephanie for introducing me to the Goddess Yemaya; she is much more than I anticipated!! My journey with Yemaya has been warm and inviting, allowing me to reach deeper within myself and see clearly the obstructions that fog or tie down my creativity and true happiness. The beautiful worksheets allowed me to track what first feel like random thoughts or emotions, yet when read again, make sense and now feel complete. I will continue to work with Goddess Yemaya and her ocean friends, they have much to teach! – E. Thompson, Coats, NC

I found Stephanie’s Kali chapter to be a perfect introduction to working with Kali, the dark mother. It brings the lessons and attributes of Kali right into your life like a scalpel… just where you need it and with razor sharp precision. – Antara, London, England