13 and proud

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My beautiful daughter, Chloe, celebrated her 13th birthday on Friday. Because she skipped kindergarten she's a grade ahead of where she should be, meaning she'll be entering high school next year. AAAGHH! How did that happen? She may be ready to start high school, but I'm not! I'm trying to get used to the idea as there's no turning back now. I'm happy to say I like the person she has become. I like her style. I like how she thinks. I like that she's caring and compassionate. I like that she laughs at herself and enjoys others who make her laugh. I like her ability to figure things out and try new things. I like that she's courageous and independent. I like that she's thoughtful. I like that she's a caring friend. I'm writing this to remind me that whatever is in store during the teenage years ahead, I really like many things about this young woman who, in the prime of her maidenhood, makes me proud to be her mama.