Eoster's Message

Eoster, Celtic goddess of spring, known as Ostara in the Germanic tradition and Frigga in Norse mythology, Persephone and Eos in Greek mythology, was celebrated at this time for all of the riches she brought: Light, growth, green, fertility, abundance, renewal, the chance to start again.

Her totem is the hare, who performs courting rituals of dancing, boxing and springing in the air to attract a mate. In olden times it was believed that this strange dance of the hares helped Mother Earth wake up from her long winter's sleep. They thought hares laid eggs because their lairs looked like bird's nests and were similar to those of the lapwing, who did lay eggs. Thus the idea that the magical March hare brought eggs for spring was hatched.

Eoster, where the name Easter derives, comes from the Latin root, estrus, the time when animals are in heat, and oestrus, a time when sexual desire is heightened, the sap rises, and fertility reigns. Under a full moon, such as the pink moon, playful passion is unleashed. Did you know that Easter is always celebrated the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox? A time for frolicking!

Eoster's message is simply this: Enjoy the abundance that is yours. Look around. It is everywhere. You have everything you need. Rejoice!

Happy Easter!