Lakshmi and the Taurus Moon

On this Taurus full moon, with the pulsing energy of 11/11/11, a time of wish-fulfillment upon us, the goddess Lakshmi asks us to check in with our self-worth and to own our power as creative women deserving of abundance. Lakshmi is the Shakti or activating female goddess counterpart of Vishnu, the preserver of all life. She is much like the Greek goddess Aphrodite; both are seen as ancient Mother Goddesses who are said to have been born from the ocean, the Great Mother's womb.  They are goddesses of love, beauty, fertility, and abundance.

Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty. A Taurus full moon helps us bring into being that which we have been longing for and to get our needs met in ways that are self-fulfilling and rewarding to us.

Lakshmi wants us to know our self-worth and act from this place of personal power. When doubt and fear creep in, Lakshmi can help us transform these shadowy energies into confidence and love, and create a bountiful harvest.

Lakshmi reminds us of our wealth, both on a soul level and on the earthly plane. She reminds us that the Universe is abundant and plentiful. We have all we need and more. If we're feeling needy and lacking, where is this idea coming from? What old story are we telling ourselves that may need to change so that we can embrace the life-giving, loving, sustaining energy of the Goddess Lakshmi?

Lakshmi stands on a lotus, a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and beauty. By seeing and embracing our own inner beauty and the beauty that surrounds us, we allow our perception to create our reality. This is our secret power, simple but profound. As we change the way we see things, our reality shifts and reflects how we think about ourselves and the world.

I am whatever is. Whatever is, I am. I am whatever is visible. Whatever is visible, I am. I am whatever is invisible. Whatever is invisible, I am. I am whatever is alive. Whatever is alive, I am. I am whatever moves and breathes. Whatever moves and breathes, I am.

I am the very spirit of life. The very spirit of life, I am. Everything that exists in time is part of me. I am everything that exists. When time ends, I will end. I will vanish, disappear, dissolve. And with me, everything else will vanish, disappear, dissolve. I alone can create, and I alone destroy, this universe.

Everything that exists is mine. Everything that exists is me.

- Invocation to Lakshmi, India

The questions to ask yourself now are:

What is it I want to manifest?

What is my plan to fulfill it?

How am I living or not living in abundance?

How might I be giving my power away?

How can I own my power and manifest my dreams?

What am I willing to let go of that may be in the way of making this happen?

What do I need to add to my life or change to make this transformation complete?

How can I better love myself?

How can I better love others?