Mother and Daughter: Demeter and Persephone

to be a fool while spring is in the air                 

my soul approves.

--e.e. cummings

As spring gives way to summer and the return of the sun on the solstice, June 21, we are in the time of these two goddesses. Persephone, the maiden, represents the new moon, the emergence of spring, rebirth. Demeter, the mother, who represents the full mother moon, greets her daughter as she emerges from the Underworld, to reign together over the Earth in spring and summer. These goddesses work together to bring about fertility and growth and to remind us that as above, so below.

The mother-daughter dyad helps us remember our own inner maiden and all that is new, innocent, playful, growing, free and light-hearted, as well as our inner mother and all that is cultivating, blooming, active, abundant, and full. This is the time of year when we are witnessing both of these aspects at work on Mother Earth and  within us.

Of course, we must not forget the third part of the triple goddess, Hecate, the crone, whose time is winter. And while it is not her season and we feel her less strongly during the bright days of summer, she is there, in the shadows. There is a lunar eclipse today in Sagittarius, reminding us of her presence, the things that are hidden from consciousness that may be revealed over the next days and weeks to come. Hecate also reminds us to stay in balance between doing and being, and the need to rest and restore. She has the gift of overview and helps us discern what is important and what is not. She is Persephone's companion in the Underworld, so she and Persephone can help us during times of darkness and shadow and guide us back to the light.

Many of us may be looking forward to summer vacations as a time to unplug and and recharge, sitting in the quiet and beauty of long, summer days at the beach, in the coolness of the mountains or lazy days at home enjoying our gardens, children, and a good book. Summer vacations can also be busy times of actively doing, going, and seeing.

I'm already seeing my summer laid out before me: my sister, Lynn, is visiting us in North Carolina for a busy 2 weeks of sight-seeing and weekend trips to Asheville and Jamestown; my daughter, Chloe, is going to a filmmaking camp in July for 3 weeks, she and I are going to California for 10 days to visit our dear friends whom we have missed these past three years since moving to North Carolina. I am facilitating a SoulCollage® summer solstice gathering in June, an introductory playshop in July, and will be preparing to lead a SoulCollage® facilitator's workshop called SoulCollage® and the Divine Feminine: Nurturing Your Soul With the Goddess Archetype in Her Many Forms in early September. Whew! The active mother is very much alive in me this summer, but so is the maiden who will be embarking on some new new ventures and playing -- with friends and family with a carefree heart.

On June 21, as the Sun enters Cancer, ruled by the moon, with the lunar eclipse energy casting its shadow, we can expect to have emotional stirrings, and for family bonds and relationships to take center stage. Persephone and Demeter  help us mend, heal, and strengthen the relationship between our daughters and our mothers. For as Jung said, "Every mother contains her daughter in herself and every daughter, her mother, and every mother extends backwards into her mother and forwards into her daughter."

Three chapters of my interactive SoulWork book, In the Lap of the Goddess: Connecting With the Divine Feminine, are devoted to the triple goddess of Persephone, Demeter and Hecate. Summer is a good time to get to know these aspects. I hope you'll take a look...