Butterfly Maiden

A springtime goddess in the Hopi tradition, she flutters into our hearts to remind us to taste life--butterflies taste flowers by walking on them--and to connect with nature. Butterfly Maiden is a kachina spirit of fertility and spiritual growth. Kachinas carry the prayers of the people to the ancestors in the spirit world. For the Hopis, the butterfly is a symbol of everlasting life and joy.

This maiden spirit helps us open our heart chakra of love and compassion, not only for others, but for ourselves. As I await word about whether or not I have a tumor in my chest, I am sending love and light to this area. I go to the doctor on the 5th to find out more. It's something that has shown up on scans since 2003, so logic, as well as my heart, tells me it's not cancer. But it may need to come out.

I have pictured a moth, beating its wings against my chest cavity, trying to find its way out of this darkness so it can fly towards the light--blue healing light and freedom.

I have been going through a different sort of metamorphosis, having completed my Soul Work book, In the Lap of the Goddess: Connecting With the Divine Feminine. It will be available for download and in printed form I hope with my next post. That is when the lovely Goddess Leonie will be showing up to tell us about the harbinger of Ostara, her own beautiful, tiny goddess named after the feminine deity of Easter. Stay tuned!