Goddess and guides that have been with me since I was a wee little girl, always knowing that I was being watched over and cared for

Rob and Chloe, my sweet little family of three, we nurture and care for each other and find ways to play (and the larger circle of family who are always there)

Allie, Jasper and Maggie, our four-legged, furry companions, who delight us on a daily basis, and all my other pets that have gone before

Trust, the word I chose this year, and what I have gained by surrendering to it

Intimate friendships with so many deep, soul-steeped women in my life, including my sisters, Lynn and Judy, and my shaman sisters--you know who you are (Each of You!)

Therapy, the work that I do that allows me to connect with so many people, to teach what I know, and to learn from them in so many ways

Understanding and the thirst for more, for all of us on this great, blue, spinning planet

Daddy, sweet man of mutual admiration, who wasn't afraid to be emotional, who gave me unconditional love and made me laugh

Elizabeth, my mom, who gave me the gift of imagination and spiritual seeking. The circle goes unbroken. Thank you, all, my dear peeps.

Happy Thanksgiving!