The Great Wheel Turns

wheel_fortune_rws Happy New Year! I am excited about the promise of 2010 and the new decade ahead. When I did my Full Moon Spread, pulling 13 tarot cards for each of the full moons in 2010, starting with the full moon on December 31, 2009, I felt like I had a road map for the year ahead. It's also meaningful to apply the significance of the 12 houses of the zodiac to each card with the 13th representing the final outcome or overall picture of the year. Coupled with Goddess Leonie's colorful and vibrant 2010 Creating My Goddess Year workbook, I'm ready for the new cycle that is beginning. I am going to be working on a vision board for a workshop I am co-facilitating with my friend and writer, Lauri Maerov, on January 31 in Raleigh in which I plan to use the 13 tarot cards I drew as touch points for what I want to create and manifest in 2010. I am going to create my own SoulCollage cards to represent the tarot cards I pulled. Some I have already created and others I will be creating each month as the full moon approaches.

SoulCollage: Wheel of Life

The very first card I drew for the end of 2009 Full moon/Blue Moon (with a lunar eclipse!) was the Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of Life. It was amazing synchronicity that I drew this card because lately (and in my last blog) I have been talking so much about the wheel turning and feeling a huge shift taking place, the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. This is a great card for the end of year/beginning of the new year and has teachings for all of us in this position. It is the number 10 in the major arcana, just like the year 2010, which represents both an end and a beginning. In the first house position, it is also a card that is representative of self-expression, identity: how we see ourselves.

Symbolically, the blue sphinx on top represents the contradictions and paradoxes of life, which we must learn to accept and work through.The four animals in the clouds holding the book of life or akashic record are connected to the four elements as well as the four fixed signs of the zodiac: woman/Aquarius, eagle/Scorpio, bull/Taurus, and lion/Leo. They represent the unchanging reality upon which the rotation or movement of events takes place.

I feel ready for all that the New Year has to bring. As an Aquarian, I am open to change and ready for the new challenges and gifts that lie ahead. This card is governed by the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, and indicates the abundance of the Universe, opening and expansion, positive expectations, and awareness of the beauty and love that surrounds us, as well as chance, synchronicity, and the rhythms that rule us. It suggests we need to have the strength to release what no longer serves us so that we can grow and move forward. It reminds us that nothing is permanent. It tells us to take what life offers and use it creatively and that there is no use in fighting reality or what is. All we can do is change our perception of it. It reminds us to be alert to new opportunities and to recognize and act in harmony with the natural cycles of life. For me, this means resting when I need to, feeding my soul and spirit as I need to, playing and creating as my spirit moves me to do, and trusting in the Universe to provide all that my soul needs and more. In fact, Trust is my sacred word for 2010. What is yours?

Three SoulCollage cards I made that represent the year 2009 that I continue to learn from. In 2010, I release the struggle. I am grateful for all that I have learned and where I am right Now.

2009 was a challenging year of struggle and perseverence

The joy of the journey when protected by Great Spirit

Creative abundance and creative courage