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What Are You Giving Birth To?

Ostara by Helena Nelson ReedNow that spring is here, the time of birth and rebirth, it’s a good time to consider what new ideas, projects, aspects or changes we want to bring about. And as we ask that question, we may want to consider what do we want to throw out? What no longer serves us and needs to be cast into the fire to be transformed through the alchemy of consciousness?

For me, I want to birth a more playful artist aspect as I embark on a project about goddesses that I will be giving birth to soon. I have enjoyed working with goddess energy and reading up on it so much that I want to create a guide that everyone can use to access the goddess archetype, explore the inner goddess aspects, connect with the divine feminine, and manifest this in the world. To do this, I feel I need to enter into this creative world playfully and have fun with it. I am calling forth my inner Magician as well, the archetype that has come up for me most in the past year. So I have made SoulCollage® cards for both, as you can see below.

Committee: Playful Artist

Ostara is a spring goddess from the Anglo Saxon/Germanic tradition from whence the word Easter comes. Ostara is a fertility goddess and a moon goddess, and her totem is the March hare. She symbolizes a fresh start, new birth, or rebirth. The maiden in us comes forth now (Catch you later, Crone). She is also associated with the Spring Equinox, when the length of days and nights are equal. I love this shamanic depiction of her by artist Helena Nelson-Reed. She is not a goddess we hear much about but she evokes springtime ritual, love of nature, and rolling in the grass. All things I want to revel in right now.

If you live in the Raleigh area, and want to learn about SoulCollage®, I’m teaching a “playshop” on April 11 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. See tab above for more details. Come celebrate spring and join me in giving birth to (or rebirthing) the playful, inner child artist.

Council: The Magician

About The Author

I am in a stage of new beginnings, of starting over on the other side of the continent from California, where I spent 38 years of my life. Moving to North Carolina was a bit of a shock to my system. Not so much culture shock but the shock of transplanting myself and starting over as a therapist, artist, and wild woman. I had to figure out how I was going to do it differently than I had been doing it. Because I knew I needed to change the way I worked outwardly to match the way I was feeling and moving inwardly and make it more playful, and at the same time, deep and meaningful. I knew I wanted to work with women primarily, to help them find their way on the heroine's journey to wholeness. I knew I wanted to bring more creative expression to my work because that was what was working for me--a way to bypass all the analytical thinking, perfectionism, and psychological paradigms largely created by men, and find more more intuitive ways of Being, Creating and Flowing with Life, in keeping with the Divine Feminine. I like working with the triple goddess: maiden, mother and crone, which describes the three stages of life as well as inner states of being--the innocent/adventurer; the nurturer and active doer; and the wise being who has the advantage of overview and doesn't care as much what others think of her as long as she is being true to herself. The triple goddess is found in most all cultures and traditions and helps us move out of dualistic thinking patterns and find our way to a more integrated and balanced way of life. As I forge a new path, I want to connect with women all over the world, to help women own their power, and to both explore and offer tools for self-discovery and self-care. Creating my interactive e-book, "In the Lap of the Goddess: Connecting With the Divine Feminine," and my Goddess Temple e-courses based on the workbook are my offerings, a way to share with women the knowledge and wisdom we all hold within us, reflected in the goddess throughout history, across time, and in every corner of the world.


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  1. oh that is magical, dearest.

    big love.

  2. Katrina says:

    Just popping in to say I really enjoyed this post and I love your site. Hope to click around more and learn more about you soon!

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